Pine cone madness

In my previous post I have mentioned that while I would normally leave decking the halls until around mid December, this year I’ve decided to really embrace the decorating and start early – slowly adding touches here and there and without my usual rushing round I might enjoy it even more.

At the weekend I have collected a bag full of pine cones with the intention of incorporating them in my Christmas décor – you see this year I’m feeling inspired by this whole woodland theme. The original plan was adding some to me advent and door wreath and hanging  a a few around the house with ribbons. Then I purchased a glue gun for a different craft project which by the way turned out quite horrifically. Anyway armed with a glue gun I decided to tackle a pine cone wreath.

What I used:

A basket full of pine cones
Glue gun

As I happened to already have all of these it was a cheep and cheerful craft project.

First I’ve cut out a circle from a cardboard box (we still have plenty of these from the move). My cake stand turned out to be around the right size for a wreath. I didn’t worry about cutting too neatly as the cardboard gets covered up anyway. And then I started glueing away!


It didn’t actually take very long and the best thing is that if you mess up you can just stick another pine cone on top of it. I didn’t want the wreath to look too orderly which frankly would probably have been beyond me anyway. It also turns out that cardboard is the perfect colour so even if there are some small gaps you can’t really see them anyway.


The final task was to find a nice wide ribbon and hang above the fire place. What about you – are you making any Christmas decorations this year?



Christmas comes early

The last week was very eventful and busy hence my week long silence. On the bright side I have plenty to share now starting with our lovely new sofas which arrived last Thursday. I was really excited before their delivery but also super nervous as we weren’t completely sure if they were going to fit through the door. The last thing I wanted was to find them piled on top of each other in the hallway. You might say why on earth haven’t we checked before buying them but we have and found our doorways 5mm off the recommended size. Our backup plan was the fact that we were having the living room windows replaced around the same time and they could always go in that way. Fortunately none of this was necessary and I came back from work to find these two lovelies.


In the end the colour of choice was grey marl highland tweed. I really like how it nicely pick up the colour of the walls. The not so little love seat is my favourite – there’s no better place to cuddle up with a book! The room now looks a lot more homely and is a lot less echoey. You can see there is still a long way to go before the room feels cosy or complete but a Christmas tree will go a long way towards that I think.

I’ll be sharing more details on decorating the room as well as some festive touches. I thought I’d start early this year and properly enjoy slowly adding more and more Christmas and winter decorations.

A variation on the pumpkin theme

Last week I have shared my pumpkin centrepiece complete with a lovely bunch of chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums can last for a good couple of weeks in a vase but mine were definitely beyond their best. Keen to carry on the autumnal theme for a bit longer – it’s still a bit early for Christmas after all – I wanted to recycle some of the fruit. In the true spirit of recycling one of my friends who is moving house soon and is in the process of decluttering gave me a very pretty glass cake stand. As it turned out my autumn fruits and Jo’s cake stand are a perfect pairing.

P1030734_edited_edited   pumpkins

Now – I love easy decorating like this but I love it even more when I can get creative with bits and pieces I already have at home – and my purse likes it too!


Soft neutrals

My love for soft neutrals now extends even to my taste in fashion. When I returned home last night with my newly painted nails I couldn’t help but notice it goes rather nicely with my bed throw. Is it worse to match your nails to your interior colour scheme or want to paint the bedroom the same colour as your nails?


Either way I’m really pleased with the soft taupe greige shade adorning my nails and might actually prefer the gentle warmth it gives compared to the light grey I originally intended for our master bedroom.

Scrumptious sofas on their way

Nearly six weeks ago me and Mr S embarked on our 3rd trip to the showroom in Chelsea. This time with the intention of actually deciding and ordering new sofas for our newly decorated living room (I’ll share more on this later). We have been a couple of times before and enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee and lounging around on their very cosy sofas. The hard bit was choosing the one. I have spent hours online before we went for the first time and already had my eyes on their Snowdrop sofa with it’s traditional look and cute turned feet.

Snowdrop sofa -

Snowdrop sofa –

It has nearly become a tradition with me to never stick with what I originally chose and it was soon decided that the cushion back Bluebell was more our style and if it is at all possible even comfier.

Bluebell sofa -

Bluebell sofa –

Once we had the style sorted it was down to the endless choice of material. We have provisionally settled on the pigeon coloured herringbone but there were more colours in the game then and it was decided that choosing the colour will require another visit. You can see they are all pretty neutral colours apart from the hyacinth highland tweed.

Pigeon coloured herringbone - Undyed broad weave linen - Grey marl highland tweed - Hyacinth highland tweed

Pigeon coloured herringbone – Undyed broad weave linen – Grey marl highland tweed – Hyacinth highland tweed

From this point it has taken another two visits, two more cups of coffee and stacking boxes into sofa shapes to check the sizes before we were ready to part with some cash and place the order. It was a really good idea to use our moving boxes (of which we have tons) to give us a better idea of how the sofas are going to look in our living room. Before we’ve done this we were thinking of getting a four seat and a a two and half seat sofas but that would result in blocking at least one door off and a major problem. In the end we are having a four seat and a cosy love seat which is still quite easy for two people to share without getting too close for comfort…and the colour – to be revealed on Thursday when these two lovelies arrive.

Loving Autumn

When the sun is shining autumn is the prettiest season with all its lovely colours from golden yellows to deep reds. I pass a few really lovely trees on my way to work and they never fail to put a smile on my face no matter how dreadful the weather or traffic are.

To bring the autumn colours inside I’ve put together a fairly simple centrepiece made up from pumpkins, apples, pears and plums. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers so some chrysanthemums in autumn colours add some height and a final touch to the arrangement. I’d love to say we’ve grown all the fruit ourselves but it is only true of the apples which apart from looking pretty taste great too. The rest of the fruit including the colourful pumpkins are from a supermarket.


I have used this as the centrepiece for our house-warming party table. I’ll share some more photos later this week together with our fully stocked bar.



After much searching, nearly giving up on a few occasions and way too many phone calls to the solicitors, me and my lovely husband of nearly 2 years have bought our very own place. One that has stairs, one that we can paint in crazy colours, hang a copious amount of pictures wherever we like but mainly make our home.

It’s  a pretty exciting new adventure which I’ve decided to share with the world.  As we only moved in a few weeks ago there are still some boxes lurking around and not a lot of personality  or cosiness but that I hope will be changing pretty fast in the next few months and I’m looking forward to sharing the progress.