Christmas comes early

The last week was very eventful and busy hence my week long silence. On the bright side I have plenty to share now starting with our lovely new sofas which arrived last Thursday. I was really excited before their delivery but also super nervous as we weren’t completely sure if they were going to fit through the door. The last thing I wanted was to find them piled on top of each other in the hallway. You might say why on earth haven’t we checked before buying them but we have and found our doorways 5mm off the recommended size. Our backup plan was the fact that we were having the living room windows replaced around the same time and they could always go in that way. Fortunately none of this was necessary and I came back from work to find these two lovelies.


In the end the colour of choice was grey marl highland tweed. I really like how it nicely pick up the colour of the walls. The not so little love seat is my favourite – there’s no better place to cuddle up with a book! The room now looks a lot more homely and is a lot less echoey. You can see there is still a long way to go before the room feels cosy or complete but a Christmas tree will go a long way towards that I think.

I’ll be sharing more details on decorating the room as well as some festive touches. I thought I’d start early this year and properly enjoy slowly adding more and more Christmas and winter decorations.


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