Pine cone madness

In my previous post I have mentioned that while I would normally leave decking the halls until around mid December, this year I’ve decided to really embrace the decorating and start early – slowly adding touches here and there and without my usual rushing round I might enjoy it even more.

At the weekend I have collected a bag full of pine cones with the intention of incorporating them in my Christmas décor – you see this year I’m feeling inspired by this whole woodland theme. The original plan was adding some to me advent and door wreath and hanging  a a few around the house with ribbons. Then I purchased a glue gun for a different craft project which by the way turned out quite horrifically. Anyway armed with a glue gun I decided to tackle a pine cone wreath.

What I used:

A basket full of pine cones
Glue gun

As I happened to already have all of these it was a cheep and cheerful craft project.

First I’ve cut out a circle from a cardboard box (we still have plenty of these from the move). My cake stand turned out to be around the right size for a wreath. I didn’t worry about cutting too neatly as the cardboard gets covered up anyway. And then I started glueing away!


It didn’t actually take very long and the best thing is that if you mess up you can just stick another pine cone on top of it. I didn’t want the wreath to look too orderly which frankly would probably have been beyond me anyway. It also turns out that cardboard is the perfect colour so even if there are some small gaps you can’t really see them anyway.


The final task was to find a nice wide ribbon and hang above the fire place. What about you – are you making any Christmas decorations this year?



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