Pine cone madness continues

I had a few pine cones left over after my pine cone wreath project (Pine cone madness) and also dried some sliced oranges for other general Christmas decorating and a lovely smell through the house. I new my pumpkins have seen better days when they started growing little furry tails (ewww…) so I’ve just piled up a couple of large pine cones and the dried oranges on my cake stand. I think Mr S is getting slightly fed up with me using cake stands for anything but cakes. I’ll have to bake a cake soon. I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered how good a few simple things can be made to look under a glass cloche. This piece will be staying in the living room for now as I have an advent wreath to go on the dining table. But I might move it onto the window sill in the hall as we’ve just had new windows installed and they deserve a bit of dressing up. Call round in the week for the rest of my festive touches which are slowly cropping up around the house and in the mean time have a a lovely weekend!



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