More Christmas reminiscing

I know it’s nearly the middle of January but I’m really missing Christmas. I will have to start making the house more cosy again to get over my Christmas withdrawal. I do have a few new little projects in mind so promise this is the last of Christmas until at least November this year.


I’ve had a go at wreath making last year and concluded that making the actual base is more hustle than it’s worth. I’m sure there are some really crafty people that find it a breeze but I’ve cheated this year by buying a plain wreath and then decorating it myself. I usually prefer using just natural decoration with the odd bit of ribbon and found yet another use for the pine cones I’ve collected back in November.


I must concede I’ve gone really mad with pine cones this year. It’s really cheap if you can collect your own and an easy but effective nod to the popular woodland theme. In the background you can see my new window stickers from Cox & Cox.

The hanging branch with dried oranges was another new decorating idea – so festive and so simple ( still loving my glue gun!).




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