Tempting the spring in


I’m not sure how about you but frankly I’ve had enough of the horrible rainy grey weather we’ve had so far. I’ve decided to overhaul my kitchen window sill to make it look a bit more cheerful even if the view out of the window firmly reminds me it’s still February. Fortunately this morning the weather decided to join in with the cheerfulness and I was woken up by actual sunshine. This made going into work quite difficult as I’d much rather be outside soaking up the rays.

I have rather impressed myself as all I spent on the decorations is £5.99 – £3.99 on the blue Kilner bottle (HomeSense) and £2 on the pink gypsophila (Tesco). Thinking about the gypsophila £2 seems a bit dear really as I’m pretty sure it’s not the most expensive plant on Earth and you don’t really get a lot for your money but I like how the pink goes with the blue. Little bit later on I’m planning on using a branch from our apple tree which will hopefully blossom soon. The daffodils were a Valentines gift from Mr S and the sheep (which only has three legs) was a gift as well. I’ve moved my rolling pin and recipe book over from it’s usual baking corner on the opposite side of the kitchen – I am hoping this will inspire me to actually do some baking.

This weekend there’s no baking on the cards though as we really need to crack on with the skirting and other projects we have started. With a bit of luck there will be more than three pieces for skirting on the wall by Sunday evening.


Copper fever

I know full well I should be concentrating on finishing the skirting boards rather than musing about what to spend money on next but knowing we’ve got reinforcements coming this weekend in the form if Mr S’s lovely parents to help us crack on with a few jobs I’ve allowed myself some time to check out the copper collection at Cox & Cox.

I really love the industrial look of exposed light bulbs and when they are super lovely as these I really can’t help myself. I was a bit shocked when Mr S said he liked the looked too when we watched the Great Interior Design Challenge together so maybe I could justify spending £140 on some bedside lights. I think they would look pretty awesome next to our grey upholstered headboard. My other favourites are the delicate hanging frames.

All images: http://www.coxandcox.co.uk/

While I absolutely love these I found you can get some nice copper bulb fittings, cords and bulbs on ebay for around £40 per each light. I’d need to add a switch as well, most likely a dimmer with the exposed bulb but I’d need that for the Cox & Cox one anyway so watch this space – I may turn into an electrician. Or more likely get Mr S to do it which would be a lot safer for all of us.

Valentines day present and a sneak peak


I hope everybody had a great weekend. Mine got off to a lovely early start with Mr S cooking and unexpected and very delicious dinner on Thursday. With so much more work to be done (and money to be spent) on the house we’ve gone for a more low key approach to Valentines day – no less romantic though I must add.

As one of my pressies I got this potted rose plant which is still looking strong two more little buds are just about to open up. I was hoping to share a bit more of our new floor which I absolutely love but without the skirting it’s not quite showed off to its full potential so for now just a little glimpse with the rose.

We have started on the skirting today and only managed to fit two pieces (after cutting a fair few more). It looks like we’ve not learnt that much from our picture frame project but like with that one I’m pretty sure we’ll get there eventually. And I’ll be able to share more soon.

Rock My Style and more

I am still suffering from withdrawal symptoms flowing the end of the Great Interior Design Challenge so in search of my next source of inspiration I came across Rock My Style . It’s not a purely design blog but the rest of the lifestyle posts quite satisfy my girly side all at once. Oh and if you’re about to get married you might want to check out Rock My Wedding as well which is run by the same bunch of people and super cute as well. Lauren, who runs the interior section of the blog has some great ideas and with Rock My Style being a UK blog it’s not usually impossible to source things you might fancy like it happens with most of my favourite US blogs leaving me with huge style envy.

All images from: http://rockmystyle.co.uk/category/four-walls/

As for my other firm favourites there a couple of US blogs I love. The Inspired Room is one of them. I really love pretty much all of Melissa’s house and her style is just so close to my own meaning I can get tons of inspiration from this blog. Thinking about it Melissa would have never painted her hallway bright yellow…and neither should have I. Oh well….next time I just have to ask myself: “What would Melissa do?”.

All images from: http://theinspiredroom.net/ 

My second favourite is Michaela Noelle Designs. Again this is more of a lifestyle blog with fashion and food posts as well but nevertheless Michaela’s styling is always great.

All images from: http://michaelanoelledesigns.blogspot.co.uk/

I am always on the lookout for more inspiration so if you have any favourite blogs you think I should know let me know in the comments.

The hallway is painted

The truth is it’s not yellow. It was a bright yellow on Saturday but even as the paint was going on I really wasn’t convinced it was going to work. Mr S persuaded me to be brave and stick with it so we painted the entire room. On Sunday morning Mr S who was originally very keen on the colour described it as “not so bad” which to me just confirmed it had to go and fast otherwise I could just imagine myself telling everyone the colour was already on when we moved in. The hallway doesn’t get that much natural light and the shade we’ve gone for was just too much, too dark and too rich. In fact I didn’t like it so much I couldn’t even face taking a photo so you’ll just have to trust me it wasn’t working.

So on Sunday on came the white – two coats to be precise and there’s going to be another one. Which only demonstrates quite how bright the yellow was. I actually really like the white in there, it’s not a massive change from the original greige but the room feels really light and fresh now and I’m thinking of jazzing it up with some patterned fabric and possibly painting the main door a different colour.

In other news the skirting came of quite neatly and not much damage was done to the walls. We’re all ready for a new shiny floor. Wednesday can’t come fast enough. What’s even better is that Mr S is staying in while I go to work so if all goes well I’ll come home and everything will be done.

It’s Friday!



It’s funny how short weeks can sometimes feel so long. I have only worked 4 days but feel like I’ve done 10 days straight.

The weekend will be a busy one as well as we need to do all the prep work for our new floor. This will involve painting the hallway, removing the skirting board from all around the ground floor and laying out the underfloor heating for our soon to be toasty kitchen. So all in all the house is most likely going to look worse once we’re done with it but it will all he worth it in the end.

I’m really hoping to squeeze in some relaxing time and maybe a nice walk if the lovely British weather permits. What are your plans for the weekend? Any tips on nice walks in West London?

Hallway dilemma

I am super excited about our new floors but the approaching installation date means there are quite a few tasks to complete this weekend in preparation. It makes perfect sense to paint all of the downstairs before the new floor comes as we don’t need to worry whether we splatter any paint on the floor or skirting as that’s getting replaced at the same time. We’ve already done the living and dining room so there’s only the hallway left (we have decided that repainting the kitchen in time is a tad too ambitious) which brings me to the paint colour dilemma.

We have actually bought some paint already and I have to say it is scaring me a bit and I need some advice. The shade is Dulux Easter Morn 3. Mr S came  up with the idea of going for yellow in the first place and I wasn’t too opposed to it. I just didn’t want some sort of washed out citrusy yellow or heaven forbid magnolia.

I guess what scares me the most is whether it’s just too bright and doesn’t really go with the colours of the other rooms.

Source: https://www.wilko.com/

The hallway is quite spacious and bright and could probably take a bit of colour, but is this just a step too far? At the moment I’m thinking of painting just one wall and letting it dry properly (because we all know how dramatically different colours can look when dry) before making a decision.

Brace yourselves for some canary yellow after photos next week!