Great Interior Design Challenge Update

Yay! If you read my previous post it’s perhaps no surprise I’m really pleased Sarah has won. The house she had to work with was already pretty amazing and I really couldn’t imagine how much it could be improved. But didn’t she do great! I absolutely loved the olive green paint in the dining room and the copper light fitting was just perfect. I’m definitely catching the copper fever. I’m sure Mr S would love the idea of a snooker table in the dining room but with the size of our rooms you could barely walk around. The child’s bedroom was something I never expected Sarah to come up with but she so pulled it off. What makes her designs so special is that they not only look great but also incredibly practical. I would love to steal the peg idea from the guest bedroom but having built-in wardrobes ruins the charm a little bit.

I must give Jason some credit as well even though his slightly over the top design isn’t too close to my heart but I’m sure he could have a great success as an interior designer. What we seem to share is our love of Bluebell sofas from which he used in his last two projects. From the final my favourite bits have been the hallway which made me thing we could definitely fit some clever storage into our hallway and the living room which was just so tasteful. I wasn’t too sure on the mural though. The guest bedroom was very cleverly designed with a definite wow factor but would probably drive me mad with all the stripes after a while  and the same goes for the girl’s bedroom. The guy undoubtedly has a lot of talent but my favourite has won and I couldn’t be any more pleased. The only downside is there’s no Great Interior Design Challenge to watch now and I’ll need to get my interior design fix elsewhere.

I’d love to hear what you thought of the result and which were your favourite designs. Let me know in the comments.


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