Hallway dilemma

I am super excited about our new floors but the approaching installation date means there are quite a few tasks to complete this weekend in preparation. It makes perfect sense to paint all of the downstairs before the new floor comes as we don’t need to worry whether we splatter any paint on the floor or skirting as that’s getting replaced at the same time. We’ve already done the living and dining room so there’s only the hallway left (we have decided that repainting the kitchen in time is a tad too ambitious) which brings me to the paint colour dilemma.

We have actually bought some paint already and I have to say it is scaring me a bit and I need some advice. The shade is Dulux Easter Morn 3. Mr S came  up with the idea of going for yellow in the first place and I wasn’t too opposed to it. I just didn’t want some sort of washed out citrusy yellow or heaven forbid magnolia.

I guess what scares me the most is whether it’s just too bright and doesn’t really go with the colours of the other rooms.

Source: https://www.wilko.com/

The hallway is quite spacious and bright and could probably take a bit of colour, but is this just a step too far? At the moment I’m thinking of painting just one wall and letting it dry properly (because we all know how dramatically different colours can look when dry) before making a decision.

Brace yourselves for some canary yellow after photos next week!



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