The hallway is painted

The truth is it’s not yellow. It was a bright yellow on Saturday but even as the paint was going on I really wasn’t convinced it was going to work. Mr S persuaded me to be brave and stick with it so we painted the entire room. On Sunday morning Mr S who was originally very keen on the colour described it as “not so bad” which to me just confirmed it had to go and fast otherwise I could just imagine myself telling everyone the colour was already on when we moved in. The hallway doesn’t get that much natural light and the shade we’ve gone for was just too much, too dark and too rich. In fact I didn’t like it so much I couldn’t even face taking a photo so you’ll just have to trust me it wasn’t working.

So on Sunday on came the white – two coats to be precise and there’s going to be another one. Which only demonstrates quite how bright the yellow was. I actually really like the white in there, it’s not a massive change from the original greige but the room feels really light and fresh now and I’m thinking of jazzing it up with some patterned fabric and possibly painting the main door a different colour.

In other news the skirting came of quite neatly and not much damage was done to the walls. We’re all ready for a new shiny floor. Wednesday can’t come fast enough. What’s even better is that Mr S is staying in while I go to work so if all goes well I’ll come home and everything will be done.


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