Rock My Style and more

I am still suffering from withdrawal symptoms flowing the end of the Great Interior Design Challenge so in search of my next source of inspiration I came across Rock My Style . It’s not a purely design blog but the rest of the lifestyle posts quite satisfy my girly side all at once. Oh and if you’re about to get married you might want to check out Rock My Wedding as well which is run by the same bunch of people and super cute as well. Lauren, who runs the interior section of the blog has some great ideas and with Rock My Style being a UK blog it’s not usually impossible to source things you might fancy like it happens with most of my favourite US blogs leaving me with huge style envy.

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As for my other firm favourites there a couple of US blogs I love. The Inspired Room is one of them. I really love pretty much all of Melissa’s house and her style is just so close to my own meaning I can get tons of inspiration from this blog. Thinking about it Melissa would have never painted her hallway bright yellow…and neither should have I. Oh well….next time I just have to ask myself: “What would Melissa do?”.

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My second favourite is Michaela Noelle Designs. Again this is more of a lifestyle blog with fashion and food posts as well but nevertheless Michaela’s styling is always great.

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I am always on the lookout for more inspiration so if you have any favourite blogs you think I should know let me know in the comments.


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