Tempting the spring in


I’m not sure how about you but frankly I’ve had enough of the horrible rainy grey weather we’ve had so far. I’ve decided to overhaul my kitchen window sill to make it look a bit more cheerful even if the view out of the window firmly reminds me it’s still February. Fortunately this morning the weather decided to join in with the cheerfulness and I was woken up by actual sunshine. This made going into work quite difficult as I’d much rather be outside soaking up the rays.

I have rather impressed myself as all I spent on the decorations is £5.99 – £3.99 on the blue Kilner bottle (HomeSense) and £2 on the pink gypsophila (Tesco). Thinking about the gypsophila £2 seems a bit dear really as I’m pretty sure it’s not the most expensive plant on Earth and you don’t really get a lot for your money but I like how the pink goes with the blue. Little bit later on I’m planning on using a branch from our apple tree which will hopefully blossom soon. The daffodils were a Valentines gift from Mr S and the sheep (which only has three legs) was a gift as well. I’ve moved my rolling pin and recipe book over from it’s usual baking corner on the opposite side of the kitchen – I am hoping this will inspire me to actually do some baking.

This weekend there’s no baking on the cards though as we really need to crack on with the skirting and other projects we have started. With a bit of luck there will be more than three pieces for skirting on the wall by Sunday evening.


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