Floor update

Finally we’ve completed enough of the skirting that I am happy to share some pictures. We’re really taking this slowly as it would be such a shame to finish our nice new floors with a wonky skirting board. I am really impressed with how good laminate can actually look and feel not to mention the wonders of underfloor heating in the kitchen.

The first completed room is the dining room which is finally beginning to look quite respectable with new curtains and without random clutter that was just abandoned there just because there was nowhere else to put it. Needless to say that most of the random clutter has just been disposed off.

We’ve picked quite a simple skirting from Wickes. I did look around quite a bit but after all the searching I found that pretty much everyone does the same styles. To start with I was tempted with the more ornate ogee but decided it would just be too ornate especially in conjunction with the picture rail in the living room so simplicity it was and I think it looks pretty good.

The other more practical reason for the choice was the fact we were more likely to achieve a neat finish. A few friends have recommended a handy tip of not mitering internal corners but scribing them instead, in effect overlapping the boards. You’ll find a lot better explanation online though: http://www.skirtingboardsdirect.com/news_pages.asp?currency=3&id=98&prod_id&offset. Despite the fact there isn’t a single straight wall or a 90 degree corner in our house I am quite pleased with the end result. Having said that there is still one wall to be finished in the living room and most of the kitchen and hallway.

Oh and I nearly forgot to add a before picture…this way you can fully appreciate the change for better. Note especially the poorly fitted scotia and a lovely gas pipe sticking up next to the fireplace. Can’t tell you how glad I am they’re both gone.

P1030607 (1)


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