Dining room progress


Our dining room is starting to take a proper shape now. So far we have painted the walls, changed the floor and finished skirting board – all this is very exciting but what really put a smile on my face was putting up my new curtains.

When we were deciding on the paint colour we’ve ventured into our local B&Q, spent around half an hour considering our options only to decide the best one would be the Polished Pebble we already had at home. Mr S wasn’t too convinced by the soft grey (I think he’d secretly much prefer magnolia) but he did paint the whole room while I was at work only leaving me some small touch ups to do.

In the end we were both really pleased with the result . The next challenge were curtains. I would have been quite happy with a bit of voile just for a soft touch rather than stopping anyone from looking in. As there is just our back garden and then allotments on the other side of the fence. Mr S much preferred the idea of a proper curtain to keep the room warm. I have agreed to a “proper” curtain but didn’t warn him straight away he’ll never be allowed to draw them shut. The room is quite square and shutting the curtains just makes it look like quite claustrophobic.

For the curtains I wanted something pretty light with a touch of colour to brighten up the space. I do love a touch of botanical prettiness but I have to admit it was more luck than careful procurement that led to me combining both. And at less than £30 from Dunelm Mill were a real bargain.

There is still a lot to finish – mainly in terms of furniture as you may have noticed we’re still using our patio table indoors. I really feel that we’re getting closer to a really homely look. I might even unwrap some of our photos and art and go wild in the dining and living room.


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