Bedroom reshuffle

When we moved into house we didn’t really change the way each room was laid out. This is partly because some rooms just don’t give you many options and partly because it’s very tempting to stick with what you’ve seen to work previously.

When it comes to the master bedroom the trouble was that while the lay out seemed pretty logical it didn’t quite work. As you can see on the floor plan the bed and bedside table are really close to the built-in wardrobes which means we can’t open one of the doors properly. I am just lucky I own the more accessible part. The other option would be to drop one bedside table but neither of us are keen on that option.


My first idea was to put the bed on the opposite wall to allow easy access to the wardrobes. What I wasn’t quite happy with was the “wasted” space between the windows which could at most house a mirror or pictures. On top of that I fear the room would seem quite crammed if you open the door straight onto the bed.



That’s why I came up with another option – bed between mirrors. At first I was fooling myself that the bed would fit nicely into the gap but in reality it is slightly wider. I was also worried that the space at the bottom of the bed wasn’t going to be enough to walk through.



As it turns out this works quite well. There really isn’t that much space at the bottom of the bed but it’s enough to comfortably walk through. I had to move the headboard slightly away from the wall to allow the curtains to hang freely behind it. The biggest positive is that we can now have two chests of draws either side or maybe a dressing table. and there is definitely enough room to open the wardrobes.


And a compulsory before and after picture to end with.




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