Nursery inspiration

One of the biggest projects of this year is going to be designing a nursery for our new arrival. As this is our first baby I haven’t got any idea about baby things or what exactly we’ll need but I do have a pretty good idea about what I like in terms of style. We have chosen not to find out our baby’s sex which I didn’t think would be a big problem you wouldn’t believe how much this limits your options as many baby designs are very gender specific. In the end I came up with this board as my main inspiration.


Birds in the bush bumper | Garnet Hill Knitted Throw | Birds in a tree decals | Estsy bird mobile | Comfy nursery chair | White sleigh cot | Mint and coral cushion | Azure and sea bedding set

I do like a bit of mint and the coral just brightens it up a bit. I might switch the coral accents for yellow if we have a boy though or perhaps orange would work well for both.

So far we only have a the cot and my amazing scheme fell apart when I found out the pretty bird cot bumper isn’t going to fit our cot. I wouldn’t be so gutted if it hadn’t taken me weeks to find a bumper I liked and if I hadn’t based the whole theme around it. It’s back to square one for now – if anyone has any tips on gender neutral but not boring cot bedding please do leave a comment.

For the first few months we’re planning to keep the little one in our room – hence the bedroom reshuffle but after we’ll be reshuffling the guest bedroom to see if it could work both as a nursery and a bedroom for occasional visitors. We’ll see how that challenge goes.

The one thing that truly sets this apart from any other project we’ve undertaken so far is that this one does have a deadline. Not a completely precise one but we need to get most things sorted before the end of July. At the moment I’m wishing the time away but I’m sure come June I’ll be begging for more time!


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