Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine has been largely spent in the garden, breaking my back but in the run up I have found some time to add a few Easter decorations around the house. I had a few more DIY decoration ideas lined up but they haven’t quite gone according to plan. Namely plastic craft eggs are impossible to dye using natural dyes – I know should have thought of that one to start with.

However my own flower arrangements haven’t gone too badly and I’ve got two nice arrangements for £12 worth of white lisianthus, pink roses and mini yellow chrysanthemums.

You can clearly see the eggs around the living room arrangement are very pale colours which while it wasn’t my original intention I am beginning to like. I’ve completed the dining table with some sorbet coloured place mats and paper napkins both from John Lewis.

The Easter tree has been quite straight forward given that we’ve just cut down a lot of hedges and tree branches in the garden. Silver birch has been my favourite for a few years. The only negative is that I’m allergic to it, to get around this I always make sure I pull off all the brown flowers before I bring it in. The eggs are from John Lewis as well – yes I may have raided their discounted Easter goods on Thursday. Pussy willow is firmly associated with Easter for me. My mum always used to have some on display at Easter. My simple twist on the arrangement is filling the vase with painted eggs (plain would work pretty well too). I had some from last year’s Easter tree so I just used them again.

These mini window sill arrangements were very budget friendly with some moss from our garden, cracked egg shells and some apple blossom together with some left over chrysanthemum.

It’s a shame even the long weekends pass so quickly, it is going to be a hard return to work tomorrow. Hopefully it will be another productive week!



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