Hey, it’s another short week!



Today I’ve got a couple of cheap and cheerful floral arrangements to share. I really love flowers but due to continuous home improvements my floral budget is rather restricted but as it is with everything you soon learn to adapt and get more creative. My latest tips are:

1. Use smaller vases and containers: I’ve got a pretty decent selection of large vases but they do take a lot to fill them. Having a couple of smaller ones means I can make my flower supply go a lot further.

2. Use flowers that are in season and cheaper to buy: in this case the peonies were only £2.

3. Use greens from your garden to bulk things up : or flowers for that matter. I’ve found the little pinky ones on our front lawn but have no idea what they’re called.

The last couple of weeks have been a little bit slow on house/garden projects and while we’ve done a fair bit in the garden it still looks a total mess. I’m trying not to start any new projects until we’ve finished what we have started like the skirting boards downstairs but our bathroom renovation starts in two weeks time which will be a pretty major project – probably the biggest one we’ve done so far. The lack of selected bathroom furniture and fittings makes me quite nervous to be honest you can guess what I’ll be doing in the evenings this week.

Lucky we only have 4 days at work this week which on its own is a good enough reason to be happy!



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