Beautiful Bathroom

A beautiful bathroom is exactly what I’m hoping we will have in the next couple of weeks. After what I thought of as an astronomical quote from a local builder – it later turned out it wasn’t that bad after all and that we had no idea what building works cost nowadays – my dad agreed to come over for a couple of weeks and do it for us. I’ve spent ages browsing my favourite blogs and Pinterest for inspiration and the board below just about sums up what I am after. There is a lot of white/light colours and sea glass accents.


Ombre bath mat | Hexagonal tiles | Mirrored tile mosaic | Glass shower tiles | Drift wood mirror | Ceramic accessories | Wall hung vanity | Glass tile

We’ve actually already ordered a lot of bits as works commence on Monday and I’ll be snapping up a lot of photos along the way. Our bathroom and toilet are currently two tiny rooms next to each other so we’re going to knock the dividing wall down and re-arrange things a little bit which should give us at least a sense of space.Believe it or not the photo below actually captures the majority or our current bathroom which is no longer than a bath – I always admire estate agents’ photos.If all goes well this tiny and tired room will be soon transformed into a spa like tranquil bathroom….




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