Bathroom Reveal

I haven’t realised how much time doing a few “small” finishing jobs in the bathroom would take. All we had to do was:

  • Fill some cracks in the new plaster left after window fitting
  • Fill gaps around ceiling with acrylic filler
  • Tidy up tile edgings (I really didn’t like any tile trim options) with more acrylic
  • Repaint parts of the ceiling and any repairs
  • Scrape and repaint window sills

In the usual spirit of underestimating the amount of time and effort required I expected it to take half a day max. Oh how wrong was I? My mission wasn’t helped by the drying time of gloss paint when after 24 hours I decided to touch it and scraped a considerable piece off. Rather then redoing the whole window sill I’ve decided to just touch it up only to find a fly stuck in the exact spot half an hour later! I dare to say that it’s pretty safe now even though I won’t be touching it or placing anything on top for another few days just to be super sure.

In the end I’ve spent most of the weekend doing and perfecting all of the above and now I can finally reveal the end result! I feel I need a drum roll and possibly Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs to hand…

We’re really pleased with the end result but I do feel it is a little bit too clinical at the moment. That will hopefully get sorted by some art and flowers or a plant (once I dare to touch the window sills!). I’m really proud my dad managed to do all this (with some help from a friend) as this is by far the smartest looking room in the house.

For before and progress photos check out my previous posts:

Beautiful Bathroom & Bathroom destruction

I’ll add our shopping list with a brief review of each supplier later but in the meantime do let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to ask where we sourced different items from.


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