Bathroom stock list

A lot has been happening lately mainly to do with the impending arrival of baby S hence the long silence but here I wanted to share where we sourced different items for our bathroom from. In a way it’s better writing this after we’ve had a chance to test everything properly.

P-Shape Bath

Supplier: Pioneer bathrooms
Price: £275
Verdict: This was an absolute bargain considering it included shower screen and front panel as you will find these alone can cost just as much as the bath. The delivery wasn’t the smoothest as it did take a couple of weeks to arrive after ordering but that didn’t hold us up too much in the end. The worst part was when it came to installing we’ve realised that the bath legs and front panel fixings were missing and had to wait another couple of days for these to arrive. Quality wise it doesn’t feel as sturdy as our old cast iron bath but then again I wouldn’t expect any acrylic bath to measure up to that. So far really happy with the purchase.

Shower Mixer Tap Set

Supplier: Bath Empire
Price: £229.99
Verdict: Again a good price for the whole bundle. I really loved the idea of an overflow filler as it means we don’t need to have any taps on the bath. The plug is also operated from the overflow which is the only thing that is a bit flimsy. You can see the big shower head is meant to be fitted to the wall but that wasn’t quite high enough for my other half so we ended up going through the ceiling instead.


Basin Tap

Supplier: Bath Empire
Price: £29.99
Verdict: Good mixer tap which while not exactly the same goes quite well with the shower taps. The delivery on both the basin and shower taps was really bad though it was delayed (this was very much the running theme through the entire project) and when it finally turned up it was someone else’s order. It then took another couple of days and a lot of frustrating phone calls to get what we’ve ordered. Really wasn’t impressed as nobody seemed to know what was happening with the order. 

Vanity Unit

Supplier:Bath Professionals
Verdict: This was one of the cheaper vanity units I found. I was honestly shocked to see you can pay really silly money for what is essentially a wall mounted mdf box with a sink on top. This one included a tap (we chose to get a different one), waste and sink. I have to say you can tell why it was way cheaper than any of the other ones I looked at. The draws didn’t align properly and the mdf was broken off where the draw rails attach. We have got a replacement unit pretty quickly after getting in touch with the seller and after a bit of fiddling and swapping draw fronts around we now have a pretty decent looking vanity unit. Very much a case of you get what you pay for.



Supplier: Illuminated Mirrors
Price: £130.49
Verdict: I dare to say this was the only thing we’ve ordered that arrived on time (next day delivery) and contained everything we needed. Really great service. The mirror itself looks exactly as we expected and I really love the demister pad. 

Glass Tiles

Supplier: Walls and Floors
Verdict: Love the look of the tiles. The delivery was again a bit later than promised and when we ordered a few different samples a lot of them turned up cracked into thousand pieces. When the actual order arrived I don’t think there was a single damaged tile though which is the same main thing. They were a bit more tricky to cut but if you have a good sharp tile cutter you should be fine. Definitely worth investing in a glass drill bit for any drilling.


Wall and Floor Tiles

Price: £17/sqm
Verdict: Another late delivery – 3 days this time. They were way cheaper than Tops Tiles though and pretty good service otherwise. 


Glass Accessories

Supplier: House of Fraser
Price: £11.20 each
Verdict: Fortunately House of Fraser have their order process worked out so no issues there. I really love how these compliment the glass tiles and they make perfect storage for cotton wool etc. The soap dispenser looks pretty good too.


So here you have it. If we were to do this all over again I would definitely order everything way in advance and double check everything as it arrives as there is no guarantee that the parcel you get is what you actually ordered or that there is nothing missing. I would probably try to avoid Bath Empire all together but sometimes it’s hard to turn down a cheaper deal.


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