How I’ve lost the hairpin leg battle

Back in April I’ve posted about how much I love the hairpin leg look. Unfortunately it turned out I couldn’t convince Mr S that it was the prefect style for our dining room and while he normally doesn’t care much what I do with decorating he felt quite strongly about this one. We had to work out a compromise in the form of an IKEA KEJSARKRONA dining table and some DSW style chairs which I’m pretty happy with. Having failed with the hairpin legs I was pretty sure that suggesting some plastic chairs wasn’t going to be much easier but to my surprise after sending Mr S to an M&S cafe to check them out he happily agreed. Admittedly the £29.99 price tag could have had something to do with his enthusiasm. I was slightly worried about how comfortable they’d turn out to be but must say they are great. More comfy than a lot of wooden chairs I had the pleasure to sit on.

It was a great feeling to move our garden table back into the garden where it belongs and setting up the IKEA table in place. I’m not going to lie – I’m not the biggest fan of IKEA furniture as I don’t think it looks great next to a proper solid piece. This table looks pretty good though, it is solid wood and the assembly didn’t take 8 hours and neither did we require an engineering degree to do it. The table itself does add more of that cottagey feel I was so badly trying to avoid but the chairs do tone it down a fair bit and I absolutely adore the slightly rough table top.

The dining room is now looking  much better and the table is large enough to sit a few friends around. The only thing detracting from the rather smart look is the nappy changing table in the corner (which I have managed to keep out of the photos). I still need to add some art to the room and possibly a couple of shelves to be able to call it complete. I am toying with the idea of hanging some plates on the wall above the dining table but still a bit worried about going too much towards the country cottage look.


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