It has to get worse before it gets better

If you’ve seen my garden post from April you’ll know there was a lot to do and today I am happy to announce that the hard work in the garden has been completed – at least for this year. Our poor garden has gone through a massive transformation which in short meant removing pretty much everything that was there and starting from scratch. There were multiple casualties – one garden fork, one pick axe, two chainsaw chains, one fence panels and multiple broken backs.

The first part of the great garden makeover involved cutting down a fair few trees and shrubs and then getting rid of all the wood. We’ve had a few impromptu barbecues on top of our fire basket, gave a few logs away, run multiple loads to the tip and kept a few for more barbecues next year. This has taken by far the longest as there were two overgrown trees and a lot of shrubs in our rather random hedge. It seemed like a never ending task with more piles of wood cuttings appearing every weekend.

Then there was the job of digging up the old patio and path – this was surprisingly easy  as the mortar was so badly eroded it really didn’t take much. After half a days work we ended up with a big pile of slabs at the front of the house. This is where was absolutely great. Within a week someone came around to take a lot of them away to use for their new crazy paving and we only had a few more left to take to the tip. I am now pretty hooked on freecycle, checking new listings every day! Our little play house also got relocated – if only moving home was as easy as getting four guys to pick it up and drop it somewhere else.

The final job was digging the garden over in an attempt to level it and start a new lawn. It doesn’t sound too bad but again took two weekends of hard work even with the help of a rotavator and some friends. The ground was just so hard it was really difficult to break the surface. The levelling task wasn’t a walk in the park either and I am not going to lie – it is not perfect but after a lot of raking, digging and adding 2 tons of soil we conceded it was good enough and proceeded to sowing grass seed  a few days ago. I am now impatiently watching the ground every day to see if there is any grass emerging. So far I’ve only observed a few small patches of the old lawn that survived poking through. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the newly planted privet hedge – it is only about a foot tall but in a few years time will look great.

Anyway I’ve talked enough and you will get a much better idea from our photographic evidence.



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