Art around the house

It has been a year since we moved in and while we are working our way through our to do list I can’t help but notice all the things that are still to be completed. It was only recently that we got our pictures and photos out and decided to actually hang them. I’d love to be able to say that I wanted to make the place more accomplished and homely but the truth is that we still had a few boxes knocking around and needed to unpack them. The added homeliness was more of a welcome side effect.

At the moment we are lacking shelves and anywhere to display sentimental artefacts and that’s why I decided to put all our photos together and start a gallery wall at the bottom of the staircase. I didn’t follow the advice to plan out a gallery wall with sheets of paper first and all worked out OK in the end – that was mainly luck though and for my planned expansion of the display I will have a more thought through approach.

We don’t own very many artful pieces but all of them mean something to us. The church is where we got married and was painted for us by a very good friend as a wedding gift. The same friend also painted the cornflower. I love botanical art and when you can get a friend to create one for you it’s even better. We have picked up the Italian town canvas on our honeymoon and it really stands out on the grey dining room wall.

The photos above the sofa were taken on our holidays and the large format and white Ikea VISERUM frame makes them look pretty cool. I am really looking forward to adding more art and general prettiness to our household and have recently discovered the art section on which is just and amazing. I can spend hours selecting my favourites and fear our house isn’t big enough to fit it all in!


Who is your favourite?

I don’t know about you but I’ve spent the last couple of weeks hooked on the Great Interior Design Challenge and I’m eagerly awaiting the final tonight. Sarah has been my favourite since episode 1 but I must admit her woodland style room wasn’t quite my cup of tea. Some of the ideas were rather ingenious like the silver birch lamp but overall a bit too brown and I’m not a big fan of brown. I did love her Chinese themed Victorian dining room and even though I wouldn’t chose it for my house (mainly because I don’t have a Victorian house nor have I any special interest in China) it fitted the client’s brief perfectly and looked rather tasteful without being boring. So I’m firmly staying on team Sarah but who would you rather see win tonight?

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Sources: BBC iPlayer, Country Living Magazine

Never too late

Firstly Happy New Year everyone! I have gone all quiet over Christmas which turned out to be more eventful then I imagined. At least in the UK January has been pretty dull and grey so I’d like to share a few glimpses of our Christmas decor which needless to say has now been banished to the loft for another year. It’s definitely been a very happy time and it’s nice to be reminded after a long week at work!

Christmas2 Christmas1

London lights

At the weekend we’ve ventured into London for a stroll through some wonderfully lit up streets, mulled wine and general merriness to celebrate the beginning of Advent. I don’t generally do any of my Christmas shopping in central London but really enjoy the atmosphere and the bright prettiness.

ChristmasCollage1 ChristmasCollage2

Soft neutrals

My love for soft neutrals now extends even to my taste in fashion. When I returned home last night with my newly painted nails I couldn’t help but notice it goes rather nicely with my bed throw. Is it worse to match your nails to your interior colour scheme or want to paint the bedroom the same colour as your nails?


Either way I’m really pleased with the soft taupe greige shade adorning my nails and might actually prefer the gentle warmth it gives compared to the light grey I originally intended for our master bedroom.