Bathroom Reveal

I haven’t realised how much time doing a few “small” finishing jobs in the bathroom would take. All we had to do was:

  • Fill some cracks in the new plaster left after window fitting
  • Fill gaps around ceiling with acrylic filler
  • Tidy up tile edgings (I really didn’t like any tile trim options) with more acrylic
  • Repaint parts of the ceiling and any repairs
  • Scrape and repaint window sills

In the usual spirit of underestimating the amount of time and effort required I expected it to take half a day max. Oh how wrong was I? My mission wasn’t helped by the drying time of gloss paint when after 24 hours I decided to touch it and scraped a considerable piece off. Rather then redoing the whole window sill I’ve decided to just touch it up only to find a fly stuck in the exact spot half an hour later! I dare to say that it’s pretty safe now even though I won’t be touching it or placing anything on top for another few days just to be super sure.

In the end I’ve spent most of the weekend doing and perfecting all of the above and now I can finally reveal the end result! I feel I need a drum roll and possibly Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs to hand…

We’re really pleased with the end result but I do feel it is a little bit too clinical at the moment. That will hopefully get sorted by some art and flowers or a plant (once I dare to touch the window sills!). I’m really proud my dad managed to do all this (with some help from a friend) as this is by far the smartest looking room in the house.

For before and progress photos check out my previous posts:

Beautiful Bathroom & Bathroom destruction

I’ll add our shopping list with a brief review of each supplier later but in the meantime do let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to ask where we sourced different items from.


Sneak peak

I’m just too excited not to share a little snippet of your new bathroom. There are still a few finishing touches but my dad and his friend did a brilliant job. Once it’s all cleaned up and prettied up with few accessories I’ll share the full reveal.



It was very hard work but now I can confirm it definitely paid of. So much so that we’ll probably spend our wedding anniversary in there!


Bathroom destruction

I must admit the last couple of weeks have been quite exhausting. As always I have completely underestimated the amount of work, mess and dust involved in refurbishing a bathroom. We are really getting there now and I can’t wait to share some completed snaps but in the meantime I wouldn’t like you to miss out on the mess our bathroom has been in for almost a week. It is amazing how much effort actually goes into the things you’ll never see like plumbing, lighting, plastering etc…



The photos really speak for themselves. All I can add is that I am so glad we’ve done this before the baby arrives as I’m pretty sure I couldn’t cope with this and a newborn at the same time. Watch this space for the complete transformation as it should all be done and dusted (quite literally) in the next few days.

Beautiful Bathroom

A beautiful bathroom is exactly what I’m hoping we will have in the next couple of weeks. After what I thought of as an astronomical quote from a local builder – it later turned out it wasn’t that bad after all and that we had no idea what building works cost nowadays – my dad agreed to come over for a couple of weeks and do it for us. I’ve spent ages browsing my favourite blogs and Pinterest for inspiration and the board below just about sums up what I am after. There is a lot of white/light colours and sea glass accents.


Ombre bath mat | Hexagonal tiles | Mirrored tile mosaic | Glass shower tiles | Drift wood mirror | Ceramic accessories | Wall hung vanity | Glass tile

We’ve actually already ordered a lot of bits as works commence on Monday and I’ll be snapping up a lot of photos along the way. Our bathroom and toilet are currently two tiny rooms next to each other so we’re going to knock the dividing wall down and re-arrange things a little bit which should give us at least a sense of space.Believe it or not the photo below actually captures the majority or our current bathroom which is no longer than a bath – I always admire estate agents’ photos.If all goes well this tiny and tired room will be soon transformed into a spa like tranquil bathroom….



Hey, it’s another short week!



Today I’ve got a couple of cheap and cheerful floral arrangements to share. I really love flowers but due to continuous home improvements my floral budget is rather restricted but as it is with everything you soon learn to adapt and get more creative. My latest tips are:

1. Use smaller vases and containers: I’ve got a pretty decent selection of large vases but they do take a lot to fill them. Having a couple of smaller ones means I can make my flower supply go a lot further.

2. Use flowers that are in season and cheaper to buy: in this case the peonies were only £2.

3. Use greens from your garden to bulk things up : or flowers for that matter. I’ve found the little pinky ones on our front lawn but have no idea what they’re called.

The last couple of weeks have been a little bit slow on house/garden projects and while we’ve done a fair bit in the garden it still looks a total mess. I’m trying not to start any new projects until we’ve finished what we have started like the skirting boards downstairs but our bathroom renovation starts in two weeks time which will be a pretty major project – probably the biggest one we’ve done so far. The lack of selected bathroom furniture and fittings makes me quite nervous to be honest you can guess what I’ll be doing in the evenings this week.

Lucky we only have 4 days at work this week which on its own is a good enough reason to be happy!


Great Garden Plans

I have been mentioning our back garden for quite some time now and we have really been spending a lot of time there recently and to be honest if it is all done before our baby makes an appearance sometimes in July/August I will be very pleased.

Looking at this picture (taken by the estate agent last year) you might think I’m absolutely crazy and that there really isn’t that much that needs doing.

In reality estate agents are extremely good at taking photos which make rooms and now it seems even gardens appear a lot larger, tidier and lighter. It is also true that gardens look a lot better in June then they do in early spring. Let me point out a few areas that need a bit of attention.


Large conifer hedge

The hedge at the top of the garden consists of some pretty old conifers which are over 6 ft tall. They don’t look particularly pretty and block a lot of light coming into the garden. There are allotments on the other side of the conifers so privacy isn’t a huge issue either. Initially we’ve just taken 2 ft off but then decided to cut them completely and replant a new hedge.

Random hedge on the left

You can’t see properly on this photo but this hedge is a random mixture of different shrubs and trees. There is some privet, elderflower, box hedge, a lot of ivy and some forsythia. Only the ivy, box and privet remains green over the winter when the hedge is a lot more patchy.

Ivy in the apple tree

The poor apple tree is largely covered by ivy. We were lucky enough to taste some apples last year and as they were very good we’re really keen on keeping the tree alive. It does need a lot of pruning and mainly ivy removal as some ivy branches are actually thicker than the apple ones.

Uneven lawn

Again it is hard to tell but the garden is anything but level. There is quite a deep ridge in the middle so the plan is to dig the whole garden over and start again.

Old path and patio

The old path is bordering on dangerous at the moment with large gaps between individual slabs and I’ve managed to twist my ankle on it a couple of times already. We’re going to dig the slabs up and create a new patio and path. We’re going to move the patio to the top of the garden where the play house is on the photo. This spot gets the most light throughout the day and quite late into the evening.

Ash tree

You can just about see the ash tree in the top right hand corner. It grows pretty quickly and requires cutting a couple of times a year. It also means we can’t have a fence panel in the corner which with a little person on the way isn’t ideal. That’s why the tree needs to go.


This is the plan for now and I’m sure it will end up evolving as we work our way through it just like other projects we’ve done so far. At the moment we’re mainly cutting down hedges and ivy and I’ve included photos of the destruction in progress below. Sometimes I wish we never started but keep saying to myself that once it’s all done it will be a lot better garden for our expanding family.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine has been largely spent in the garden, breaking my back but in the run up I have found some time to add a few Easter decorations around the house. I had a few more DIY decoration ideas lined up but they haven’t quite gone according to plan. Namely plastic craft eggs are impossible to dye using natural dyes – I know should have thought of that one to start with.

However my own flower arrangements haven’t gone too badly and I’ve got two nice arrangements for £12 worth of white lisianthus, pink roses and mini yellow chrysanthemums.

You can clearly see the eggs around the living room arrangement are very pale colours which while it wasn’t my original intention I am beginning to like. I’ve completed the dining table with some sorbet coloured place mats and paper napkins both from John Lewis.

The Easter tree has been quite straight forward given that we’ve just cut down a lot of hedges and tree branches in the garden. Silver birch has been my favourite for a few years. The only negative is that I’m allergic to it, to get around this I always make sure I pull off all the brown flowers before I bring it in. The eggs are from John Lewis as well – yes I may have raided their discounted Easter goods on Thursday. Pussy willow is firmly associated with Easter for me. My mum always used to have some on display at Easter. My simple twist on the arrangement is filling the vase with painted eggs (plain would work pretty well too). I had some from last year’s Easter tree so I just used them again.

These mini window sill arrangements were very budget friendly with some moss from our garden, cracked egg shells and some apple blossom together with some left over chrysanthemum.

It’s a shame even the long weekends pass so quickly, it is going to be a hard return to work tomorrow. Hopefully it will be another productive week!